About Me

I think my love of baking started at an early age – my obsession with it didn’t really start until I was 14. My earliest memories in the kitchen would be of a Sunday, sitting on the bench while I helped my mum to beat a boxed cake batter – my part was to lick the bowl and beaters clean. I then progressed to making the boxed cakes by myself, when I was around 6. I certainly didn’t want to be helped, except when it came to opening the oven door.  As I got older, boxed cakes weren’t cutting it for me, and I watched as my mum made other types of treats from scratch and again, I followed. Unfortunatly, this was the time I learnt the lessons of how failproof boxed cake is, and needless to say, many years followed of sunk muffins, burnt biscuits and lumpy icing. The good news is, practice makes perfect – and with the practice I’ve gotten, I’m getting pretty good. And I can’t forget that there must have been some triumph inbetween the fails – because I’m still totally hooked.

Now, I’m sixteen, and usually what comes out of the kitchen rarely goes back. I’m acctually not ashamed to admit how crazy I am about food – anything and everything, I love it. I couldn’t think of anything better than waking up on a Sunday morning and turning on the oven –  as a result, Sunday morning tea’s usually see a platter 2 or 3 fresh baking treats, plus leftovers from the week before. I spend my weekday mornings surfing food blogs in search of new idea’s while I munch on my toast, it always sets me up to start the day.

Aside from cooking, I’m a high-school student in year 11 (just finished acctually) here in Christchurch. At home it’s just me and mum – and our three cats. I love art fashion and design, which is where I plan to make my career – although the opportunity of becoming a pastry chef is becoming more and more desireable.

I’ve got other interests too – irish dancing is one of them, it basically takes up half of my life – that and a lot of fitness training. I started dancing late, when I was 13. Most of the other girls in my age group have been dancing since they were 4 or 5 – so I’m pretty much against all odds in competition – but aside from that, I love it! Dressing up for competitions and show-work is great fun (as seen below), and I’ve got some amazing friends that dance too – it’s what makes the hard work pay off.

I’ve started this blog to share my love and knowledge of baking with the world. I’ve been admiring food blogs for years, and I’ve always wanted to be able to showcase my own talent and be apart of the food community. Who knows where it will go, but you’ve always got to start somewhere. Thank you for taking the time to stop and check out my blog – the most rewarding part of having this blog is knowing someone out there is reading it. Happy baking!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i can’t believe you are only 16. your blog is beautiful and you are too! and YES people are reading it, including me. take care and best in 2012!

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