Marble Cake

Hi guys 🙂 It’s been a few days since my last post so I thought I’d better spend some time updating, and it’s a perfect opportunity to update a bit and share my marble cake with you all.

I’m still on holidays – yay! They acctually seem to be going forever, which is great! I’ve done a lot of tidying up around the house, and running heaps (you have to balance out all that sweet somehow right haha), but the past few days I’ve just been chillin’. Yesterday I attempted to make my version of Cadbury’s creme eggs – which acctually kind of worked, and they tasted pretty good too – with that being said, I wouldn’t trade the real ones. Not really blog post worthy (maybe one day though) – but hey I ate one. You can find the tutorial online here If you’ve got some spare time, deffinatly give it a go.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going away (again, double yay!) but just to stay with my Aunty and Uncle for just over a week. I’m really excited because it’s this Aunty that love baking – so we can get creative together, I might have some extra posts to share when I get home. She always used to sent me cook books when I was younger because she knew I loved baking too. Plus, I havent seen them in over 2 years so it will be good to catch up. And I must say I’m really looking forward to getting some sun and warmth – it’s been overcast here for the past week (almost). Weather – cummon, it’s summer! You can be as dreary as you want afterwards in Winter – not during my few weeks of summer.

This pound cake was one of the many thing’s I’ve been enjoying after lunch this week (well, to be honest it lasted 2 days). I used one of my new recipe books that I bought while on Norfolk Island. It’s a great book – Baker and Spice, Baking with Passion. It’s got some fantastic bread recipes, and pastry recipe’s too, as wells as cakes like this one. The chocolate swirl had the richest chocolate taste, it was sort of hard to believe it had only been made with what it had – and I think it was even better on the second day.

Is it just me, or does cake always taste better on the second day, when it’s just a bit firmer and has more bite? I think so.

Hope everyone’s new year is going to plan so far – have a great week, happy baking!


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